What, Why, When, Where, How Occupational Therapy Can Impact your Child's Life


Often times we hear the term "OT" or Occupational Therapy being mentioned by people and/or Health Professionals; but what exactly is it and how essentially OT could help my child?

OT helps children who struggle with their day to day tasks and activities. Occupational Therapy consists of exercises and activities to build and improve any sensory issues, motor skills, body awareness, balance and coordination difficulties that the child is facing which hinders the child's development as a whole.

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Occupational Therapy is essential to help and improve a child's learning and growth process. A child who struggles from writing will need an OT's intervention to identify the root cause and come up with an intervention to address the problem. Similarly, when a child has difficulties controlling their emotions will require an OT's intervention to acquire skills to regulate emotions appropriately. The same applies to kids who have sensory processing disorder or any other developmental challenges.


The earlier a child starts OT, the better it is. At a young age, a child embarks on a journey of endless learning and being able to do simple tasks can build up confidence and self-esteem which are crucial as it affects their growth vastly. Having a stable and solid foundation in their sensory system contributes to a more substantial development in their biological growth.


Parents may find Occupational Therapists in hospitals, government organisations or private therapy centres. It is crucial to not only engage kids with OT's at a young age but also at the right place to benefit the child in the best way possible. It is always important to ensure that the kid is in a safe and inclusive environment receiving therapy.


Occupational Therapy help kids overcome certain difficulties they face in the growing and learning process such as: