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Deaf Children Can Learn to Listen and Speak Too – Auditory Verbal Therapy

More than 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents. As this is a life experience that their parents are not exposed to, most of them would feel helpless about the future of their child and unsure of what to expect for the child’s development, education, job opportunities, social circles and etc.

There are a lot of communication options for children with hearing impairment including Sign Language, Cued Speech, Total Communication, Auditory Oral and Auditory Verbal. Auditory Verbal approach is an approach to encourage the child to communicate through listening and speaking.

What is Auditory Verbal Therapy?

The Philosophy of Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) is for children who are deaf and hard of hearing to learn to grow up in a regular environment that provides him to learn and socialise as others an